Venture Development Intern

We are building the infrastructure that creators need to **better engage and monetize** their audiences. As a first step, we have revolutionized creator gifting (our Wishlist product). In the second step, we leverage the relationships we have built with **+150,000 creators and hundreds of brands** to give creators the tools to sell their favourite products in a fun and enjoyable way (our Storefront product). In this way, **Throne is a three-sided marketplace**, connecting world-class brands with creators and their fans. Throne has offices in the US and Germany.

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Berlin, Germany

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About the position

Intern vs Working Student

We are looking for talented, ambitious people to join. We understand that, as a student, full-time commitments are not always possible so we accept interns and working students:

  • Intern - you want to work full-time for a minimum of 8 weeks during one of your university vacations
  • Working student - you are a student in Berlin and are available to work close to full-time for 2-3 days of the week (or more if you can handle it)

What you will work on

Roles will be extremely varied as we are a quickly growing startup, however here is a sample:

  • Strategy: help define the long term product and organizational strategy
  • Operations: optimizing our ordering operations from managing our US-based ordering team to handling return processing and tracking.
  • Fundraising: talking to investors and helping with the preparation of pitch decks.
  • Hiring: helping us hire the core team.
  • Business Development: closing deals with large multi-national brands to sell via the Throne Partner Store.

In summary: take ownership of clearly scoped projects end-to-end and work on them closely with one of our founders.

You'll ideally...

  • Have some experience in a quickly growing tech company, consulting, or investment banking
  • Are a top-performer in your year
  • Be proficient at optimizing complex processes which manage millions of dollars of transactions
  • Be a problem-solver since a lot of the problems you will be facing will be novel and won’t have a clear, pre-defined solution
  • 🚀  See yourself as a future founder and want to gain the most valuable experience possible on the way to founding

You'll get...

💰 A competitive salary - we do not believe in unpaid internships

🎓 A chance for a full-time offer (check our full-time job listings to see details)

💻 Top-class equipment

🏢 An office in a great location in central Berlin

🍱 Free dinner, unlimited coffee, and more

🚀 Personal mentorship from the founders

→ make sure to read through our main careers page for further information

How to apply...

Email with your CV and/or link to your LinkedIn/Personal Site, and a few sentences about...

  • Why you are interested in Throne
  • What is the most interesting/difficult problem you have solved
  • What your ideal role looks like
  • Anything else we should know